Madeira Island Excursions

The Island is divided into three parts when it comes to siteseeing and excursions. The East also known as the Santana tour, the West also known as the Porto Moniz tour and the center also known as Nuns Valley or Curral das Freiras tour. The new alternatives, thanks to the new tunnels and highways, are the Southwest and the Northeast tours. When visiting the beautiful island of Madeira, you have to go on at least one excursion, to really appreciate the rich natural heritage, this island has to offer. There are about five different excursions you can do that covers the whole island. Most people visiting the island for a week, do two full day tours and one half day.

There are various tour agencies, both local and foreign, that all do more or less the same Madeiras excursions. In most cases the local tour agencies offer much better prices then the avarage foreign tour operators. A major difference is that the local agencies do their excursions in an air-conditioned, 8 - 15 people, mini bus where as the foreign tour operators will do their excursions in coaches. The advantage of the mini bus is that you don't waste all that time picking people up and then dropping them all off again. Also there is a lot less confusion climbing on and off the bus at your various siteseeing points.

In order to have a touristic licence all local tour agencies have full comprehensive Travel Agent Insurance for all excursions both on and off the bus. Madeiras excursions are done by professional, experienced guides that give you an entertaining and informative commentary, done in the language of your choice! We at Madeira-Seekers work with all the best local tour agencies and therefore can offer you the best value for money when it comes on touring the island. Package prices offer the most economic way to view the island. Have a look at the breakdown on prices for more detailed information.

The following full and half day Madeira Excursions are on offer.


Most people that use Madeira-Seekers to do all their siteseeing, have come over with a foreign tour operator. Yet they choose to do all their excursions, walks etc with us because they find that they save up to 40% on the exact same tours with equal conditions as the tour operator they are travelling with!

Madeira-Seekers realise that most people don't like giving their credit details out over the internet. So we have come up with a plan that will benefit all. Here is how it all works!

No Money Up-Front!

1. We will not require any money transactions over the internet.
2. Book the trips you want to go on and we will send you a confirmation letter with all the relative details by email.
3. Print the letter and bring it with you to present to guide on day of the trip.
4. On the day of the trip you will pay the guide that will collect you from the reception of your hotel at the allocated time.

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