Madeira Island Floods

One of the worst storms to ever hit Madeira since the 1800´s happened on the Saturday the 20th of February 2010. Below are videos of the storm and the days after. It is amazing to see how quickly the local government reacted to get things back in order. Videos of how Funchal returns back to normal will be added constanly.

Flood in Funchal 20/02/2010

Flood in Ribeira Brava 20/02/2010

Day after in Funchal

Day after in Ribeira Brava & other parts

Funchal 2 days after the floods

Ribeira Brava & Funchal 2 days after the floods


Funchal 5 days after the floods

It is amazing how the people of Madeira have all pulled together to get their island up and running again. Fantastic footage of locals and officials working together to get the city of Funchal back to its glorious state.


Madeira floods in Funchal 5 days later

Just 5 days later and certain parts of Funchal are back to normal. Some nice footage of both locals and tourists enjoying themselves in the streets of Funchal.


Madeira floods, 1 week after the storm


10 days after the floods in Funchal

Madeira floods, 10 days later

Wonderful to see tourists all over Funchal enjoying themselves again. A big THANK YOU to all those tourists that did not cancel their holiday in Madeira. Their support is much appreciated by all the locals.


2 weeks after the floods in Madeira

This video was taken in the "Old Town". After two weeks one can hardly say that this town was so badly hit by the floods. Some of the streets shown on this video where covered by about 2 meters of mud and rock.

Ribeira Brava, 1 month later

One of the hardest hit areas in Madeira, Ribeira Brava hardly shows any signs of recent floodings. This famous town, visited as part of the west tour, is alive and kicking.

1 month after the floods in Funchal

Floods? What floods??? It simply amazing to see that one month after the worst floods since the 1800´s, Funchal is almost back to normal. Tourism is thriving again and almost everything is functioning again.

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