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One of the most popular madeira excursions is the Madeira Island East Tou, that starts of from your hotel reception area at about 9h00. We make our way up past Monte and the dense Nature park forest, until we come out to the second highest peak of Madeira, Pico do Arieiro. The altitude of 1818 meters gives visitors a really spectacular view. When the weather is good you can even see Porto Santo, the neighboring island, which is situated 30 nautical miles to the north. But the view is just as spectacular in rainy weather when the clouds are heavy and the peaks stick out the top. It almost feels as if you have just stepped out of an airplane at that altitude. We spend about 30 minutes here taking in this breath taking scenery before we continue with this madeira excursion.
Pico do Arieiro Photo
Pico do Arieiro
We then drive down over to the northern side of the island, passing through a protected forest which can only be described as the paradise of Ribeiro Frio.Ribeiro Frio which means - cold river, still has much of the original vegetation today, that of a great forest dating back to the Tertiary Era before the great ice ages. The island was once totally covered with ‘Laurisilva’ forest, a relic from prehistoric times. In 1999 this forest was classified ‘World Heritage’ by the UNESCO.On view are endemic plants and non-indigenous flowers as well as other plants, animals and birds. This an excellent place to start a walk, where visitors can marvel at the beauty of the landscape. There is also a nice trout farm right on the edge of the road, a few meters from where we stop.
Ribeiro Frio Photo
Ribeiro Frio

Our next stop on this madeira excursion, takes us to a beautiful village on the north coast, Santana. Characterized by its small thatched triangular houses,that are built of natural stone and thatched with straw. Set amid a profusion of flowers these picturesque houses have served the locals for centuries as stables and dwellings. Santana is probably one of the most emblematic tourist areas in Madeira Island. All is due to these houses where its people used to live in former times, which ended up by becoming the greeting card by excellence of the destination. Depending on which day you do this trip we will either stop for lunch here or in the next village of Faial.

Santana Photo
After lunch we make our way all the way to the most eastern part of the Island where we visit Caniçal, which is the last village before the island ends at the eastern point in Ponte de São Lourenço. Caniçal used to be one of the last locations in Europe of whalers. The remainders of this industry have been brought together in the local museum Museu da Baleia. Ponta de São Lourenço is fascinating because of its immense rough desolation. It's a freakish scenery of high cliffs and steep valleys ending in the sea where all that is left are small black rocky islands. You can clearly see the various colors of the volcanic layers of the mountains.This, one of the last nearly untouched places in Europe, is the place where a fantastic combination of rocks, sea and nature created one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces.
Ponta de São Lourenço Photo
Ponta de São Lourenço
We then make our way past the oldest town of Madeira, Machico . This is where the first settlers landed and started it all. We drive up to a quite beautiful part of the island called Santo da Serra. This is where madeira boasts its Santo da Serra Golf Course, that every year, since 1993, hosts the Madeira Island Open, part of the PGA European Tour.
Santo da Serra Photo
Santo da Serra
We continue this scenic drive of our madeira excursion. all the way to Camacha where we make our last stop of the day. One of the oldest manufactures in Madeira is the articles made of wicker work, by hand, which is still a traditional product. The village most known for this industry is Camacha where the excellence of its products is noted and where different items are made, such as baskets, furnishing and some house utilities. Many also consider the Camacha village the ‘Madeira Island Capital of Culture’. In fact, if you look around, you will find very talented people and lots of cultural, social and entertainment events. One of the best examples is one of the local folklore groups, which is one of the most famous Portuguese folklore groups known throughout the world.
Camacha Photo
After a fantastic day out we return back to the hotel.
All in all the trip lasts about 8hrs and you should be back before 17h00.
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