Madeira Island Nuns Valley Tour
Nuns Valley Tour

The Madeira Nuns Valley Tour starts of from the reception area of your hotel and is normally in the afternoon.
We first make our way up to Picos dos Barcelos where we make a short stop to enjoy one of the best views over Funchal. This view point is found at an altitude of 335m, between Stº Antonio and Stº Martinho.
We then make our way to Nuns' Valley or Curral das Freiras, which is a small village nestled at the foot of a deep basin, surrounded by the rugged peaks of the surrounding mountains. Since Madeira is a volcanic island, this is regarded as the mouth of the volcano and hence the amazing surroundings. Situated in the heart of Madeira, the Nuns' Valley is the central point for many of the islands' scenic walks and hikes, and this magnificent deep valley is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful interior with its' lush green forests and jagged peaks.
Once only accessible by foot (or donkey!) Nuns' Valley can now be reached by road, although the village still remains fairly isolated.
The village of the Nuns' Valley sits in a deep ravine, thought to have been caused either by gradual erosion, or volcanic activity. Dating back to the 16th century, the village was apparently formed in 1566 when nuns from the Santa Clara convent in Funchal arrived here seeking refuge, having fled from attacking pirates. The view from the top is simply breath taking as is the the road leading there. We stay here for about 30 minutes absorbing the wonderful sites that are bestowed upon us.We then make our way down into the beautiful village where we get the chance to enjoy the views from the bottom upwards.







Pico dos Barcelos in Madeira
Pico dos Barcelos
Madeira Nuns Valley
Nuns Valley

After a fantastic day out we return back to the hotel.
All in all the trip lasts about 3hrs .
The excursion is offered with an English, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese guide.

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